A solid wood furniture collection features cast aluminum accents, allowing for a relaxed yet refined aesthetic.  

Los Angeles, CA -- Named after the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway, the PCHseries encompasses the organic and natural feel of the California coast.  The collection, which includes an ethereal bed, dressers, side and coffee tables, was envisioned with the idea of perfect simplicity in mind – including only the necessary features, yet incorporating a unique aluminum component that makes a bold statement.

Crafted with plantation grown solid teak and finished with natural oils, the PCHseries offers a clean, fresh and sleek aesthetic.  Long-lasting and resistant, teak wood was chosen for its celebrated durability.  Taking advantage of the elegance of natural patterns, the aluminum was cast to resemble perfectly rugged wood.

Founder and principal designer of MASHstudios Bernard Brucha refers to the stunning aluminum aspect as the collection’s “perfect little jewel,” that draws in the attention of the viewer and adds to its overall charm.  The PCHseries embodies simple, straightforward design and with the addition of a single decorative element, the collection becomes exceptionally striking.

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